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Naxos Island


Rent a car to explore Naxos and discover its beauties and attractions. Enjoy touring in some charming villages and enjoy the amazing sandy beaches of the island. Rent a car with us and be free to explore all of Naxos exciting attractions. Highlights include exceptional beaches, remarkable Byzantine churches, archaeological places, beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages. Naxos Island is one of the most beautiful among the Greek Islands and the largest island in Cyclades. Due to its size, car rental is a must for those who wish to discover the island.


Naxos Beaches

Naxos Island has some of the very best beaches in Greece. There are miles and miles of beaches to choose from and most of them are sandy. There are popular beaches with facilities and services as well as quiet and remote beaches. The south west of Naxos is almost one beach, interrupted by a couple of headlands. East coast beaches are beautiful too, where Psili Ammos and Panermos are almost undiscovered beaches.

Picturesque Villages

Naxos Villages

There are many beautiful villages to visit on Naxos Island and most of them have their own distinct character and style. Naxos Town (or Chora) is Naxos Island capital & and it makes cosmopolitan town resort with a lot of interesting places to visit. Most of the villages in Naxos Island are in the middle and the north of the island. Koronos, Apeiranthos, Apollon, Filoti, Sagri, Kinidaros are all worth a visit.

Places of interest

Panagia Drossiani

Naxos is an island steeped in history, and if you take time out to explore some of its most historical landmarks and monuments from the past, you will find you holiday experienced enriched. Part of the cultural heritage is revealed today through its fabulous architecture that the Venetians applied to castles and towers found scattered throughout the island. You can easily spend a week seeing the Byzantine churches of Naxos.

Naxos Map